Where the aim of the Charity or festival benefits people in the Rye Bay Area we are happy to make a donation to your chosen charity upon completion of the sale.

Terms and Conditions
Before the property is listed on our website the owner must inform Rye Bay Property Ltd by in writing by email to admin@RyeBayProperty.co.uk of the charity to whom a disbursement will be made at the time of completion.

We will acknowledge the request in writing.

We are happy to add additional Rye Bay area Charities and Festivals
Christmas In Rye
Rye British Legion
Rye Fund
Rye Community Transport
Rye Memorial Hospital
Friends Of Playden
St Michaels Hospice

We suggest you may also like to confirm to your selected charity that you have made this request and consider using “Gift aid” cialis prodej. For more information on Gift Aid see https://www.gov.uk/donating-to-charity/gift-aid In essence the person making the charitable donation is repaid by the Solicitor at the time all other disbursments are made.

For the avoidance of doubt the spirit of the offer is clearly designed to pass 10% to the selected charity and assumes a fee of 1% We are prepared to offer 15% of the fee if a higher selling percentage is agreed subject to individual circumstance.

Our total liability on this transaction will not exceed 10% of the value of the completion less any agreed disbursements such as advertising we carried out on your behalf.

Example of savings inc VAT
Your home is worth £400,000 you are charged 1.5% traditional agent fee will be £7,200 we only charge £3,600 and donate £360
Your home is worth £800,000 you are charged 1.5% traditional agent fee will be £14,400 we would .charge £7,200 and donate £720

Your property will still appear on the national portals and will receive a lot of local traffic although could be national only if preferred.

To work with us simply tell your existing agent you are altering their contract to “Winner takes all” with immediate effect, if they don’t like it sack them – it’s your property and you are in charge after all. You can use your legal team and brokers as we have no interest in trying to upsell or cross sell.

Our standard terms and conditions still apply.