Buying and selling property in the Rye Bay area using the local property portal

Residents often move from one part of the Rye Bay area to another, as such we all know someone who is selling a property in Rye or who wants to buy a property in Rye.

With the strength of Social Media and other forms of networking (Rye Bay is after all the home of Mapp and Lucia) it does not take long to get the word around about the Local property portal. aims to put buyers in touch with sellers at the lowest possible cost and reward those who put the buyer in touch with the seller.

Some people are happy to manage the sales process themselves but cannot list their property on the National Property portals. The Local Property Portal enables owners to list their property in the same way they would place something on Ebay. If the property sells you could save thousands of pounds. If after a reasonable time the property has not sold then work with one of our Rye Bay Estate Agents.

This site is managed by members of Rye Bay Marketing Ltd and well supported by the leading local East Agents who live here and know what is available, as such we are available by email all the time.

Our quickest completion: – This actually happened before the site was launched – we received an enquiry from a commercial buyer about 7:30pm, with 5 minutes we had spoken with them within the hour they had a list of “Off market properties” with the owners permission – they completed the deal in 4 working days – the premises is now open in Rye High street.

How to sell a property in the Rye Bay area

  • Simply register on the site, this takes a few moments.
    • You will receive an email with your user name and password, you can change the password.
    • Your account will be created at which time you can either submit your property details or we can do this for you.
    • Please add your correct contact details in case we need to reach you. Your details will not be passed to anyone.
    • Pictures sell if you do not have a digital camera we can put you in touch with a local friendly expert.
  • You write the description in your words and you can use videos to show features you are proud of and best of all you receive the enquiries directly or they can go to your selected Estate Agent. If you are using a local Estate Agent they can help you with regard to the Property Misdescriptions act.

Once you have listed your property we will engage with you to start getting your property seen by potential buyers.

How to buy a property in the Rye Bay area

Have a look on the site and contact the vendor or their Estate Agent directly.

What about Conveyancing? – We have that covered, most sales are straight forward and the stress comes from people not posting and receiving documents. Not being in when you call them if indeed you can do so when you are at work. Our Revolutionary conveyancing fixes this. Best of all if you don’t complete and did not alter your terms of instruction there is no fee.

Already using an Estate Agent in the Rye Bay area ?

Excellent – we are happy to list any property that is already with another Estate Agent. They can send us their electronic feed and list all properties in one go.

Your preferred agent will already be sending data to online portals, most are National and cost them a fortune. Just ask them to contact us, the setup usually takes a couple of hours.

You can list your own property here and assign it to them so they can show people around if you want. If your Agent is not showing here ask them why they don’t want to expose your property to serious volumes of local internet traffic.

We are not charging your Estate Agent for listing your property here.

Can we advertise on the site?
If your services are property related in the Rye Bay Area you can advertise on the site please email

Advert sizes are
Sidebar ads are set up for 200px x 200px or as large as 250px x 250px. The ads above the partner section are 468 x 60px one on the left the other on the right above the partner panel.

No artwork!
If you do not have the artwork we can originate for you

Contact us

Questions and Answers

  • If I advertise on here can this listing automatically be upgraded to appear on Zoopla and Rightmove?
    • Yes, you can choose which of the national portals you want to appear on.
  • Why should I use this site
    • We get around 1,000 hits a day on the official Rye visitor website which is more than any local property selling site.
    • We have a track record of promoting the Rye Bay area that is second to none.
    • You may if you prefer receive the enquiries directly or they can go the Rye Bay area Estate agent you select when entering your own property.
  • Must I use an Estate Agent.
    • It can certainly make life easier if you have a good relationship with a property professional who takes the calls and answers questions from prospective buyers with your best interests in mind. Of course you may take on the responsibilities yourself if you have the experience.
  • Should I use a Solicitor?
  • Should I use a surveyor ?
    • It’s almost entirely up to you although a mortgage company may insist if you are borrowing the funds, if they instruct the survey then you may not have any come back on the surveyor if a fault is not discovered which later causes you losses.
    • If the building has been there for 900 years and it looks OK and you don’t have a mortgage then “caveat emptor”

  • Can I buy or sell Commercial property here ?
    • Absolutely, our first deal was a commercial deal in Rye high st.
  • Can my Estate agent object
    • It’s very unlikely that any Estate Agent would object to highly focused local marketing especially considering the site is run by the same team who attract the majority of visitors to the Rye Bay area. Never forget you are the instructing party, there are many agents in the area prepared to adapt to the changing market who deliver outstanding value.
  • Do we have High street premises ?
    • No, we work with the leading local estate agents and we generate over 400,000 hits per annum on our website and this is before we start to take into account a potential daily reach on social media of significantly more.
  • Have a question ?
    • Please contact us through the above “Contact Us” panel or call 01797 360170 or 01892 540000.

Tip: Never try and sell a property on the quiet, tell your friends as they may know someone who wants it – use social media such as facebook to make the announcement and ask your friends to “Like and share”.