How to list your property

What will it cost to sell your property?
Option 1 Pay £1 now and then only half a percent on completion where the buyer came through this portal.
Option 2 Pay a one off £100 and nothing on completion. Your property stays online until it is sold. The local property portal works with social media to help promote your property. You can additionally share it from here. We have a marketing team who can help you promote your property.
Option 3 Register with one of our partner estate agents who will place you on here automatically as well as the national property portals.

To list your property visit the property will be in draft mode until you decide it goes public.

Call us for a chat if it sounds complicated on 01797 360 170

Looking to buy a property in Rye or sell property in Rye or for land in the Rye Bay ?
Email you can also register with us and our team will help you with your requirements.  We are happy to accept your property directly from your preferred estate agent.

Are you looking for property for sale in Rye or property for sale in the Rye Bay area? Not all properties for sale are publicly visible.