Selling a Rye Bay Property ?

You have more options when selling a Rye Bay Property. Start with the lowest cost options before agreeing to high fees.

The digital impact on estate agency is profound, many of the leading agents are moving to the online self service direction.

Many homes now sell in a matter of days, paying so paying 1.5% of the property value in these cases is not viable.

  • For Sale By Owner we offer two options.

    • Option one Pay only £100 and pay nothing on completion!
    • Option two List your property here for only £1 and then pay only 1/2 a percent on completion.
      This low cost option sees your property listed on the Rye Bay Property Portal. Most local sales involve local buyers who live in the Rye Bay Property catchment area.  You could save a considerable amount in commission using our portal and go onto the National Portals if you want to.
  • After trying yourself intruct one of our local Rye Bay area estate agents shown on the site who can also list you with Rightmove and other online property portals. They will have local knowledge and in some cases registered buyers on their books.
  • Online Estate Agencies. Most of these sign you up to £495 upwards with an interest bearing debt payable on completion. Not the most attractive option.
  • High Street Estate Agent. Having tried low cost options then instruct a local property professional and agree a fee. Local agents can provide a professional valuation* in most cases this will be free.
    • Land registry prices are available without charge which makes it simple to work out a property valuation in most cases. It is for you to set the price of your property. Historical prices may give you some guidance and a property professional may suggest a higher or lower price.
    • Be aware that an artificially high price is one way to get a listing. Once listed the price generally comes down.
  • Property Auction. List your home with a respected auction house specialising in property sales.

In Summary when selling Rye Bay Property it pays to look at digital options as well as traditional agents. Listing a £500,000 property with us could cost as little as £100 or half a percent –

Selling via traditional routes could cost you £9,000 inc VAT on the same property.
With us you save £6,000 !!

We suggest you at least try to sell your home yourself. If you want assistance getting your property online just send your text and images to us.

List your property here for only £1 we can alter that to the £100 within the first 48 hours